1. Pour the desired amount of wax into the melting container provided.
2. Check the consistency of the melted wax, it should have the same consistency as honey. If it is too liquid, let it cool and thicken.
3. Apply the wax firmly with a spatula in the same direction as your hair grows.
4. Allow to cool, then remove the wax firmly in the opposite direction of your hair growth. If the wax stays on your skin too long, it becomes brittle and difficult to remove.

The main ingredient in our non-strip wax beans is rosin - an all-natural form of resin extracted from pine and other conifers. All our hard wax beans contain skin-friendly ingredients such as cocoa butter, lavender, chamomile and aloe vera. Unless you suffer from allergies or skin infections such as eczema. Hard wax beans are safe for all skin types.

Yes, our entire range is guaranteed cruelty-free and 100% vegan!

The wax takes between 2 and 3 minutes to melt completely. Once the wax has melted, you can start waxing.

Melted beans from a previous use can remain in the container and be melted again in the next session.

At present, this is not the case.

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