Tutorial - E-WAX®


1. Pour the desired amount of wax into the melting container provided.

2. Heat the wax in the wax heater until the beans melt and become liquid. Check the consistency of the melted wax, it should have the same consistency as honey. If it is too liquid, let it cool and thicken.

3. Once the wax is liquid, apply it directly to your body with your spatula or stick.

4. Check the temperature of the wax on your wrist before applying it.

5. Apply the wax firmly, using a spatula, following the same direction as your hair growth.

6. Allow to cool, then firmly remove the wax in the opposite direction of your hair growth.
*If the wax stays on your skin for too long, it becomes brittle and difficult to remove.

Some safety rules:

✗ Avoid getting water on the parts of your body that have just been waxed.

✗ If your skin is irritated, wait until the irritation has gone before waxing.